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Vital – necessary to life; having remarkable energy or force of personality

Joann’s addition to the Windsong team makes it so Sara has the opportunity to breathe on occasion. We think that’s pretty important. In addition, her B.A. in Mass Communication and Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations is an incredible asset to the team. She’s served on the board of the Delta Zeta Sorority – Central Valley Alumnae Chapter and worked as an intern and executive assistant to Michael Levine (author of Guerilla PR 2.0) in Hollywood. In her spare time she’s a freelance writer for, an entertainment website.

About My Business

We want to tell good stories. It’s what gets us into the office everyday. It’s why we work long days and longer nights. At Windsong Productions, the Story is King. While we are capable of executing storyboards and scripts you bring to us, we would rather work with you from the beginning. That’s where we excel. We want to be there at the very conception of your idea. We want to shepherd and nurture it as it grows up to be a full fledged story. We reject the notion that “idea people” can’t execute. We think GOOD idea people are able to see their idea from beginning to end. That’s what we do. Our press release says “creative production studio.” Windsong isn’t just a bunch of camera operators and production assistants. We’re creative directors, writers, producers, editors, colorists, animators…and storytellers. We make movies. We make TV. We make web content. We make commercials. If it’s got a good story, we want to tell it.