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About Me has had the great opportunity to partner with numerous clients over the years which has allowed us to complete more than 50,000 projects combined. Through consistent feedback from clients it became apparent that there was a need for us to develop a more hands-on role. Often times our clients do not have enough time to personally audition talent and require our assistance. Born of that need are our Professional Services and the A.R.T. Methodology.

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Welcome to the #1 Marketplace for Voice Over Talent

We are the industry leader and the worlds largest online marketplace for professional voice over talent. Our site gives you access to over 75,000 professional voice talents spanning 100 different languages.

No time to listen to 150-200 auditions? No problem. Our professional services team is here to help. Employing a casting directors ear, a producers drive to meet the deadline, and coupled with keen negotiation skills means you'll meet your deadline, expectations, and budget.

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