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Born and raised in Fresno, I moved to Fullerton to attend CSU, Fullerton in 1994. I completed my B.A. in Communications(TV/Film Production). Soon after I worked as an intern at RSA (Ridley Scott and Associates). The drive from O.C. to L.A. cut that short, unfortunately. My next move took me to the San Fernando Valley where I met a lot of industry people, but acquired little to no work.

1999 found me back in Fresno and working as an MCO at a local television station. From 2003 to the present I have been directing sports and music entertainment for in house, tape delay, and live broadcast at Chukchansi Park. I started Vindawop Productions in 2005 and offer video transfer and video production services. I am available for freelance work.

My current project is a digital feature entitled Beaten Path.

About My Business


Writer - Beaten Path** (feature) Completed

Fuzzy Balls (feature) spec in progress

Bend Break Broke(feature) spec in progress

Noir (feature) treatment

Outcasts (feature) treatment

The Lycanthropes* (short) Completed

Night Noises (short) spec

12 Blanks (feature) spec

Bathed in Perversion (short) Completed

Producer - Beaten Path (feature) In post-production

Bathed in Perversion (short) 2012

The Retainer* (short) 2010

The Lycanthropes* (short) 2009

Director - Beaten Path (feature) In post-production

Bathed in Perversion (short) 2012

The Retainer* (short) 2010

The Lycanthropes* (short) 2009

Trailer Park Tornadoes - "Down in the Boondocks" (MV) 2009

Trailer Park Tornadoes - "Tennessee Stud" (MV) 2009

Terril Cross - "Good Year for the Roses" (MV) 2009

Terril Cross - "Tequila Rose" (MV) 2009

"79th Annual Academy Awards Predictions Show" - Fresno Bee Oscar Video Contest 2007


Trailer Park Tornadoes - "Boneyard" (MV) 2006

AD - "Appellation" (short) 2010

Pre-Production Manager - "So Shall You Reap"(short)2011

Cam Op - "Unknown Heroes of Rock" series of live music

performances 2007-08

Editor - Beaten Path (feature) In post-production

Bathed in Perversion (short) 2012

TV Commercial Ads - The Sound Stage - "Institutional"

The Sound Stage - "Memorial Day Sale"

The Sound Stage - "Labor Day Weekend"

TD/Director - Chukchansi Park Video Crew (10 seasons)

Game Day Employee of the Year 2010

* Limited time video contest

** WINNER - 2010 Yosemite International Film Festival

Official Commendation for Excellence in Screenwriting

**Official Selection - 2011 International Beverly Hills Film Festival - Screenplay Competition Finalist

**Official Selection - 2011 Sacramento International Film Festival - Screenplay Competition Finalist

Equipment I own:

Canon XL-2(does not record) But it can be used on iCarly. LOL

Canon T3i

Canon 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 lens

Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens

Canon 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 lens