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About Me

At an early age I had an interest in all types of art. Painting, drawing, sculpting etc. As I got older my love for horror and Halloween grew to a hobby of setting up my house and making props to scare kids every Halloween. I took a class about Halloween makeup then took two more for fantasy and professional makeup. I continue to self teach myself and now have moved on to making my own prosthetics. I now work at M.A.C cosmetics and also freelance my fx and beauty work. Working on films and photo shoots. I made it to the TV show Face Off on SyFy channel for season 3. It is a makeup competition for special fx makeup. I was blessed with the gift to learn quick and my background of art has helped me tremendously. I am driven... I am passionate... I am an Artist!!

About My Business

Special FX, character design, creatures, horror, syfy, fantasy, trauma wounds, high fasion, runway, beauty, etc.