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Joey & Debbie Milla are the owners of Milla Vineyards. Both Debbie & Joey love being part of the community and supporting many organizations. Since they have 5 (4 legged) children they strongly support the SPCA.

For fun they love having people out to the winery and Joey loves cooking for all of his friends. As the saying goes, " Many a friends have been made over a glass of wine.

About My Business

Joey carries on the tradition of the family in wine making. His Grandfather started over 100 years ago by woking for his Uncle who owned the Mattei VIsta Winery. He was the head wine maker and distiller and he taught the following generations how to make a very unique style of wine. Joey carries on the tradition by making it the same way Nono (No Nu) did.

All our wines are "naturally" fermented with the yeast found on the grapes when picked. We do not add anything to stop or start fermentation. And for this reason many people can drink our wines and not get sinus headaches.

The winery is open every weekend from 12-5 and would love to have you come out and try our special wines.

The winery hold many events such as our "Get Sauced" @ Milla Vineyards and the Fresno County Wine & Chocolate and the 2 Wine Journies in the Spring and Fall. And work with many organizations to hold their events here at the winery.

If you are looking to have a special wine tasting, please contact Debbie and she can get you set up for your event. It can be held out in the beautiful backyard full of flowers or in the winery with the old rustic feel.

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