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Behind Allison Maxim’s calm, deliberate demeanor is the powerful intellect and ability of a true legal advocate and counselor at law. She is regarded throughout the family law community for her unwavering commitment to the families and individuals she serves. Even her peers recognized her talent and ability, naming her a Minnesota Rising Star attorney three times.

Allison takes a problem-solving, holistic approach to a client’s divorce, working closely with each one to develop and implement a strategy that maximizes results. Along with a first-class law degree, she has an advanced degree in clinical psychology so she also encourages the people she’s helping legally to help themselves by adopting a mindful approach in dealing with the emotional trauma of going through a divorce.

As an attorney, Allison is a compassionate advisor to her clients as well as an intense and effective advocate on their behalf. Whether negotiating a settlement or arguing a client’s case in family court, she is a trusted advisor who always has her client’s back.

Allison contributed a chapter to a family law reference book, Family Law Jurisdictional Comparisons, 1st Edition. She wrote about family law in Minnesota, beginning on page 429.

She formed Maxim Family Law in 2012 after practicing for six years at a Twin Cities family law firm. Allison is married to her husband Nick, whom she met while in law school, and has a son in grade school.


• Minnesota state bar

• U.S. Fifth District Court, 2008

• U.S. Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit, 2012

About My Business

Maxim Law Firm provides compassionate and personalized representation to individuals in their local, interstate, and international divorce and family law matters. With her Master's in Clinical Psychology and her law degree, Allison understands the complicated emotional and legal dynamics involved in.