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Hilary is a graduate from California State University, Fresno. She has extensive experience and knowledge for online and mobile marketing tools, communication, leadership, and Psychology. Hilary has a knack for developing creative and insightful marketing strategies for her clients. By analyzing their needs and target audience, Hilary helps businesses grow and meet their key challenges while keeping them up to date with the latest and greatest in marketing trends. Hilary began at MC Solutions in 2009 and has played an integral role in the marketing and promotion of over 100 businesses, event, organizations and programs. Hilary is active in local organizations and was recently selected as the Social Media Director for Fresno's Leading Young Professionals. Working with a wide array of organizations and businesses has given her the opportunity to be versatile and develop an understanding of each clients unique and individual needs.

About My Business

Who We Are-

MC Solutions is a complete full-service marketing company with extensive experience in brand development and promotion.Our goal is to craft the look and feel of your company or organization to stand out and deliver the message that speaks to the needs of your target audience.

What We Do-

We consider it our priority to create a marketing program that attracts attention and reaches your targeted demographic, ultimately increasing awareness of your organization or company. By assessing your brand and image, analyzing your goals and objectives, our team can develop a strong brand strategy that will make you the leader in your industry. We analyze your market and competitive landscape, and identify your comparative strengths and weaknesses to determine

the positioning approach that’s right for you. We ensure your messaging is closely aligned with the established positioning

and branding strategy. We aim to create messaging and design that clearly communicates your value to the

needs of your targeted audience.