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Infecting the media in a positive fashion is Lori's continuous goal. She has varied credits in film, television, radio, theatre, & music. Please view Lori's IMDb profile for her complete resume, credits & photos. Here is a somewhat brief synopsis of Lori's involvement with the Performing Arts/Fine Arts aspects of media so far.

MUSIC (singing, dancing & instruments): Piano, trumpet, drums, guitar, varied percussion instruments, voice ensemble and solos throughout the years lead to varied recognitions (local, state-wide, and national) with certificates, medals and other honors, such as live performances at Carnegie Hall in New York City and Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. Varied dance styles learned throughout Lori's life consisting of jazz, tap, ballet, swing, and many other styles. Lori was an active member of the GMA (Gospel Music Association) for several years and writes and composes songs.

RADIO: Production Assistant for two years with what started as an unknown radio show, but after a few months became one of the top radio shows in Texas. When Lori moved to Arizona, she assisted two radio stations that had two brand new shows. She took what she learned as P.A. in Texas and applied to the Arizona radio stations. The shows for those two radio stations took off as well. For three years, Lori worked with a record company serving as a liaison between the record label, artists, fans and the press.

ACTING: Lori earned a lifetime membership with International Thespian Society and successful wins with UIL (University Interscholastic League) competitions. Many years of live musicals and stage plays. Lori's recent involvement with film includes Prop Manager, Art Department Assistant, Composer, Photographer and Actress.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lori has been paid for her photography; it has been featured in varied websites, magazines and calendars. In 2009, she started her own photography company, Dancing Tavern Photography.

INTERNET: She was webmaster for several different websites for varied musicians, one of which garnered the attention of (and interview with) the Canadian Press (which is Canada's equivalent of the U.S.A.'s Associated Press/AP).

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