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About Me

I have a degree in Broadcasting and Visual Design, 1989 and started working in TV in 1988. Before starting my own company in 1997, I worked for local TV stations in many positions including 1" commercial & long format editor, TD for live newscasts, director, commercial/promo producer and more. I did freelance sound recording work for a while and freelance editing on AVID & Media 100.

I now travel the Pacific Northwest shooting for many different organizations throughout the year and have gone to Montana and Texas on road trips. My associates and I work as locals in the Eugene and Portland, OR markets, while regularly traveling from Northern California to Seattle and from Coos Bay to Walla Walla. Of course we cover the U of O sports quit often and have worked with many high profile individuals such as President Obama, Sarah Palin, movies stars, CEO's and those less fortunate. We do live shots for all the networks.

In addition to my work, my wife and I enjoy birding and other wildlife photography. We have owned horses, Alpacas, Nigerian Dwarf goats and chickens and enjoy living on 10 acres in Western Oregon.

About My Business

My company, Douglas Technical Services, has been supplying regional, national and international broadcasters, individuals and corporations with television and video production services since 1997. A few years ago we plunged into live video streaming with a KU band satellite uplink system that lives in our production vehicle. We can also supply telephone and Internet connections to remote or city locations. A partial equipment list follows.

HDX900, XDcam HD, GoPro, Canon 7D & others available with HD field monitors. Assorted HDMI & SDI converters and DA's.

Tungsten and HMI lighting packages, plus HMI & LED camera lights.

Full grip package with c-stands & bags, roller stands w/9' boom arms, 3 (small to large) flag kits, AC, assorted grip gear and several hundred feet of SDI BNC cable. (2 spools of 300' RG6 for SDI)

Doorway dolly, 4' jib and 15" portable teleprompter

2 location sound packages with 3 & 4 channel mixers, shotguns, many wireless units, cables, etc.

KU band satellite uplink vehicle with .94 meter dish/iDirect router, Final Cut Pro editing suite, ATEM HD switcher, Digital Rapids encoder and more that are used in the production van or in an event.

Please see my website for more information and demo reel.