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We're not just a dating service...We are truly a matchmaking service. Give me a call when you're serious about finding someone special!!

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Passion, romance, excitement, trust…these are the things we are all seeking in love. But meeting a potential partner can be quite stressful, and online match-making services can be awkward and indiscrete. Face it, the best way to meet people is face- to-face, and it helps when a trusted friend filters out the losers from the potential winners before you invest all that time and energy on an actual date.

Cupid4Hire is a very different approach to a dating service compared with online sites like and eHarmony. Like a trusted friend, we work one-on-one to get to know you and your deepest likes and dislikes to hook you up with up to four potential matches for you to pick from. What sets us apart is that we meet everybody one-on-one and no random computer algorithm determines who we set you up with. Instead, we build detailed profiles, put it into our database and combine that with something no computer provides—human intuition. This allows us to match you up with people we know you would like to meet, just like your best friend would.