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I'm a 2d/3d VFX and Motion Graphics Designer.I'm an artist at heart so I'm always creating something whether it'd involve developing a script, a comic book, promotional video for a business or playing a few riffs of the ol guitar. I have a lot of fun in what I do for people and myself. I learned at a young age I had a talent in drawing and painting. Later I'd learn to improve those skills and challenge my abilities and talents towards other mediums and styles of drawing. To then later writing short stories and developing my own comicbooks and characters. It still wasn't enough for me, so I decided to go to collins college and learn how to make what I created actually move. I began learning outside of college after landing a job with MOJO Video Marketing where I was moved up from Video Editor to Chief Editor and Lead Motion Graphics Designer. I went from an editor and videographer in a team to managing the team , providing visual input and ideas through the filming and editing of commercial based and internet based video productions. Later my contract from there was exceeded and I ventured through other ways of production. Landing another job where I was to create the Beginning Title Sequence to a Sci-fi Thriller called "Out Of Focus" which I was granted a check for my outstanding work as well as a letter of recommendation from Miss Remi Vaughn, Producer,Director, Writer of the film. After that I was recommended by a friend to join LoudRumor Marketing firm. They were in need of Motion Graphics and Graphic Design. Again I challenged myself and beat the odds meeting a number of deadlines for multiple projects at a time. When the contract exceeded I created Changing Spectrums Productions. An all purpose multi- media production company which would include all of my skills and abilities combined. I then partnered with my good friend Steve Edward in Phoenix Brothers Productions, where I was the head of my department in Motion Graphics/VFX and Graphic Design. I'm now currently creating a clothing and accesories line called Sycotick Endeavours which will have site up and video of the product line.

About My Business

Changing Spectrums Productions is exacty what it states.

Changing, constantly finding and developing new ways of creating something. Whether it'd be a Story, Film, Video, Animation, Business, etc. If the idea is there it can and will be done.

Spectrums? Venturing from business to buisness helping them grow, through new ideas and knowledge, skills needed for certain opportunities.

Productions? Animation, VFX, 2D,3D, Graphic Design, Story Boards, Music, Voice Overs, PhotoGraphy, LOGO Design. Much more? yes!