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Moved back to Fresno in 2012 after living in San Diego for the previous six years. Returned to be closer to family, start a family and pursue business opportunities in the Valley. I am passionate about my work and am not afraid to geek out over something related to energy efficiency or healthy and comfortable homes. We spend so much time in our homes and often fill them with toxic materials or neglect them, possibly making family's sick..

About My Business

Balanced Comfort provides high level home energy assessments with the City of Fresno's, Central Valley Energy Tune-Up program. Please send me an email for more information, It's a utility funded program that provides homeowners and renters with a no-cost home energy assessment and 12 page report.

Some of Balanced Comfort's certifications include: BPI Multifamily, HERS II Multifamily, NCI Air Balancing, Thermography/Infrared Level 1. We provide energy assessments to both Single Family Residential and Multifamily properties.

Visit for more information.