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About Me

I'm the head project manager and co-founder of BLARE Media. Born in Miami, FL and eventually moved to California to attend and graduate from Fresno State in 2000. I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. In my earlier years I sold candy, pens, pencils and other knick knacks to my elementary school classmates. After graduating I quickly resumed my entrepreneur spirit and started a limousine company. In order to market my new company I produced a local television show “No Cover” where commercials for my limo company would play during the breaks. I liked the world of media so much that I sold my limousine company and started BLARE Media with my partner Justin McAleece. In the beginning BLARE Media was strictly a video production company. Around 2007 I fell in love with the internet and have been obsessed ever since. Currently, with the help of my wife Jennifer Barnett, BLARE Media has video & web clients all throughout the country as well as a few abroad.

About My Business

BLARE Media is an independent video production & web development company headquartered in Fresno, California with satellites throughout the state as well as Seattle, Las Vegas and Dallas. Our company was founded in 2005 by entrepreneur and producer Blake Barnett with his partner, filmmaker Justin McAleece, with the goal of delivering the highest quality video productions while keeping costs low for clients.

We launched our company with one question in mind: How can we deliver cinema- and broadcast-quality video productions affordably while still making a living? Solving this required extensive research and investment in the latest digital cameras and software which allow for excellent quality while cutting expenses and waste with a streamlined workflow. This makes the operation “lean and mean”—extremely flexible while able to produce a high volume of quality video content in a short period of time.

One of BLARE Media’s aims is to take a commercial for a local company and produce it to look like a blockbuster or Super Bowl ad, hence its slogan to “think national” in its productions instead of making typical “come on down”-type spots. To sum up the BLARE Media philosophy in one sentence: “Stellar, Hollywood-quality video production at an affordable price everyone can work with.”